Squirrel Psychology & Goats as Gurus

Goats as gurus?

I think I’m going to invent a new school of psychology called Squirrel Psychology. Maybe I’ll write a book about it one day. It would be about all the things we can learn about ourselves from nature. People have probably already written tomes on this theme. Maybe “Creature Yoga” is a style of yoga I can evolve…we already seem to be including pets into our practice – dog yoga, cat yoga, goat yoga. What if the animals didn’t need to attend our lessons as a form of entertaining sharing? What if they were the actual gurus that we should be learning from? I mean my grey pygmy goat Nibbler even looks like an ancient sage with his zodiac horns and his wise, white beard.

Image 7.png
My guru – Nibbler the pygmy goat

Stop to watch a sleepy cat for a moment, you could not find a better example of total savasana relaxation. They yield to the ground, roll around their spine to relax deeper with slow breaths in a santosha- contented slumber state. Our canine companions are a friendly, tail wagging reminder of how to live happily in the now. They teach us loyalty, obedience and unconditional love. Goats remind us to climb mountains, squirrels teach playfulness and how to store resources for the darker, winter days. Blackbirds demonstrate the beauty of routine, they sing every morning regardless of what disagreement they had with a magpie the day before. I mean animals just seem to have their shit together, they get it. They know what they’re here to do and they do it, on-purpose.

Nelson, teaching a side-lying Savasana pose


The squirrel is literally bonkers. Is that where the word “nutter” comes from? Probably. It is the lunatic, kinetic equivalent of sodium in water or a let down ballon – an energetic explosion of craziness prancing around on all four paws with it’s tail twitching triumphantly in the air. I’ve been eating my breakfast and watching several squirrels dart around like pinballs. They stop to eat an apple off the tree but they do two somersaults and a series of twists in between every action. Hilarious. It’s like watching a sugar-fuelled, dizzy child or a comedic stuntman, you’re left laughing, shaking your head thinking “what are you doing, you nutter, you’re actually crazy”ย with a big smile on your face.

Winners are grinners

Maybe as humans we’re not as evolved as we think? Now there’s an enlightening sentence…”as we think” i.e. because we think). The animal kingdom seems to be winning at life from where I’m looking. Winners are grinners.




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