Rabbit’s Nap. P* off I’m meditating

There’s a children’s book called “Rabbits Nap” in which Mrs Rabbit is trying to have a nap and the whole world is disturbing her. There’s bloody builder bear banging, frickin’ fox chopping logs, not to mention tortoise ringing his bike bell. I feel like Mrs Rabbit right now. How do you find peace amid life’s inevitable distractions? As I write the postman just woke the baby up with over zealous letter posting. Sigh.

I have to be honest and state that my head is hectic at the moment, so I need to sit still more than ever. The trouble is each time I meditate, I just want to sleep and my monkey mind is wandering, jumping up and down and throwing bananas, here’s a sample script:

Monkey Mind: My back and shoulders really hurt when I sit, I feel really uncomfortable, I’m actually in pain I really need to get to the osteo.ย Osteos, chiros, physios…they never seem to fix anything, I’m probably just wasting my money. Money you don’t have. When are you going back to ‘proper’ work? You can only really justify getting your back fixed if you’re earning cash to pay for it. Your back will only be better when you’re working and earning and can afford to pay for regular sessions…mind drifts off into a debate about identity, working, staying at home and caring for the cub and which is more important.

Sensible soul: Ok, empty your thoughts, focus on breathing, deep, nourishing breathes.

Monkey Mind: Haha breathing, that was a thought, I win. Mind 1 Meditative Peace 0, haha.

Sensible soul: Why are you tormenting me?

Monkey Mind: Shhh, stop thinking, go back to being peaceful. (Sarcastic smirky voice)

These interruptions are in my head and I need to gain control of my thoughts in order to have calm in my external, worldly life. The two are mirrors. ย Currently the door is constantly knocking, people seem more demanding than ever and my fatigue levels are high, I’m exhausted.

What’s my self-diagnosis? Self-care. I need to go back to basics in my pursuit of inner-peace. Remember self-care isn’t selfish.I prescribe myself patience to sit still for as long as I can, whenever I can, early nights, warm teas and time out to not feel I have to constantly be somewhere or doing something. I also need to start taking my placenta capsules again as since I’ve stopped breastfeeding my hormones are going cray-cray. 7-herb energy by Banyan is a great little potion to give me a boost. These are all things I forget to do when the world seems to be draining my battery and I can’t find my charger!

Any thoughts, comments, ideas or suggestions are always welcome.



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