Download Wallpaper before you travel


My name is “The Girl of GG” and I’m a city break addict. I love visiting new cities, it’s something I love to do, did I say love enough times there to convince you? There’s something liberating about a well stamped passport a wheelie case, a pair of tan sandals and shades for exploring a new urban jungle. I’m always on the hunt for an interesting experience, a new hotel, a cool place to eat so I always try to sniff out a local experience. I’m not that original, most travellers are on the same map page! We’re all keen to explore “the real city” so the “authentic, in-the know & local” market is pretty saturated and a bit tired. We’ve seen the global rise and rise of brands such as Mr & Mrs Smith, Ace Hotel and AirBnB. People are tired of bland chains with tick box “would you like a newspaper” protocol.

Mikkeller-1So how do you still continue to sniff out the hip and happening in a sea of sameness? I mean unless you’ve got plenty of Google-time spare or you have a buddy in every metropolis, it can be overwhelming to find places to visit. Soo, I always download the Wallpaper App to my phone before I set off anywhere new. It’s awesome, it gives a round up of the best hotels, restaurants, shopping and culture. It even gives a locals’ diary with all their favourite haunts and hang outs. I literally structure my holiday on their recommendations! Sad, but true. Even if you don’t end up showing up at their recommended hot spots, it helps you to locate the neighbourhoods worth visiting and gives you a neat sense of geography without pulling out the “I’m a tourist twat-map from your backpack”.


My current downloaded repertoire includes: Cape Town, Sydney, Marrakech, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Barcelona and Copenhagen and not once has it let me down. Here’s a link to the Wallpaper site to download the app, spend some time here it’s a pretty awesome edit of all things cool kid and new-fangled.


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