A Super-Scandi Tesla Road Trip

Heartburn in Hull –

I was six and a half months pregnant and had started with heartburn when we decided to do a road trip from home in Leeds to Rotterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen. It was epic. We drove the Tesla to Hull and boarded the ferry which was pretty rough. Not the crossing, it was the passengers! It was like Phoenix Nights, full of drunk Northerners on stag weekends singing the along to “The Beautiful South – This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome…lala”. We slept on bunk-beds in a cabin. I was very close to tears when I saw where we’d be sleeping, I’ve never been arrested but it felt a lot like a prison cell.  On our corridor was a door saying “Kennels” and another saying “Meditation”. I realised we were in the basement of the ship with all the animals. The padlock on the meditation room wasn’t to ensure privacy for those practicing a bit of peaceful meditation. It was an informal cell for any misbehaving revellers.

Cool Street –

We made it to Rotterdam and explored the city. Including spending some time on “Cool Street” yes that’s an actual, real street name. We had breakfast at King Kong Hostel which was very cool. I guess it was near cool street so it wasn’t unexpected.

King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam
Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.04.30
Cool Street (literally)


An epic breakfast of eggs on toast

We then continued on to Hamburg staying at the 25 Hours Hotel which was newly opened and pretty awesome. We arrived late and slept in, then wandered around Hamburg aimlessly before setting off to Copenhagen.

25 Hours Hotel, Haffencity, Hamburg

Monochrome Bunker

Copenhagen was everything. A minimalist’s, pastel dream. We stayed in an apartment at STAY which was the hubby’s perfect place and I warmed to it eventually. It was recommended to us by an architect colleague. I should have been wary, they are both very openly anti-curtains and cushions! The apartment was slick, minimalist and cool – a monochrome concrete bunker, simple, some would say austere. Put it this way there was no bathrobe and fluffy slippers as you can see from the pictures. All the decor and design was by Hay Design. I love Hay.


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.03.51.png
We felt very welcome at STAY, Copenhagen

Scandi-style Cycling

We cycled in the rain (remember I was over six months pregnant) my bump, bumping and vibrating as I free-wheeled down the cobbled side streets. My coat wouldn’t fasten over my bump and it was raining, it wasn’t my finest hour! My other half (a keen cyclist) would set off with all the other bespectacled, scarf wearing Scandinavian’s looking like a sexy viking every time the traffic lights changed to green. I couldn’t get going. I was left exasperated and a little bit sweaty wishing I’d paid more attention to the highway code. To be fair, for a culture that claim to be chilled out, there was a lot of passive aggressive bell ringing at my confused little black framed bicycle!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.02.38.png
Cycling at 6.5 months pregnant, not my finest hour!

Totally worth it though to get Paustian a waterfront design emporium full of the sexiest Danish furniture around. paustian-1.jpgWe spent a while obsessing over every table, chair, light in a magpie trance of pretty, shiny objects. We bought a Lumio light, which looks like a walnut bound book but opens up like an origami fan into a light. We were both like little kids, it ticked a lot of design boxes for us both.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.02.26.png

We had a bit of pickled cod. (That’s not a euphemism for anything). We ate a light, late lunch in the restaurant before cycling home to our bunker.

Final stop the next day was to buy some cutlery, (I know we’re pretty rock n’ roll) from Georg Jensen. We had another mooch around the Hay store and nearly bought a very expensive but beautiful chair. Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.03.22.png

We visited The Design Museum (obvs) and did a bit of shopping much to the frustration of the fella. Finally we drove out to Kastrup baths, which is a rather fine looking ocean baths. It was far too cold for a dip but I imagine it must be gorgeous in the summer. Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.03.10.png

Then we did it all in reverse on the way back. The Tesla trip was a dream road trip, there are so many more electric cars over there. All in all a fab experience.




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