Some like it hot. My summer fashion edit.

Who knows what the weather will do? So let’s just dress to impress regardless of the five day forecast. Who’s with me? I don’t think late summer is too late to indulge in va va voom colours and vibrant prints. Let’s face it our wardrobe and mood feel much lighter and brighter when the sun is out and our clothes rail is full of full-on florals and tropical hues. My tip is to hit the high street sales and buy a white dress/shirt and a bright pair of summer shoes. For ladies this would preferably be a coral kitten heel or a citrus coloured wedge. Fellas, maybe a pair of palm tree printed sneakers or a teal suede loafer. Quite specific I know, but you get the idea!

It’s all white…Summer 2017 – white hot dress.

It’s been a long, fun summer of jumpsuits so far, with a peppering of wedding guest dressing alongside plenty of pavement-pounding street style. It’s always fun when the sun comes out and we get to play with our summer wardrobes. Let’s face it in the UK we have to embrace anything over fifteen degrees as shorts and t-shirt weather. Otherwise, blink and you may have missed the English summer. One thing I’m encouraging this season is a move from street style to smart, it’s time for a wardrobe rethink. Certainly “wear your oversize ruffles and sunglasses or go home” seems to be been the fashion pack’s on-going subliminal mantra. Ruffles and oversized shirts are still hanging around like Instagrammers at an Ibiza beach party! We may as well as embrace the ruffle.

There are plenty of flash in the pan micro-trends happening at the moment but if I were you I’d ditch the dress over denim trend. Mini bags are still a cute little accessory to transport your phone and diddy lip-gloss in; all the stores are carrying a cute array of teeny-tiny cross-body and clutch styles.

One wardrobe reboot I could get into is the return of the blazer. A unisex and ageless style staple, it’s definitely worth the investment. Reiss and Zara have fab navy blue linen blazers for guys and gals starting from just £29.99.

Hurray, the blazer is back.

Enjoy the long days and light nights folks, pour yourself a crisp, cold glass of Rosé, stock your fridge with bottled beers and burgers and make sure you make full use of the BBQ. There’s nothing like a halloumi skewer and a side plait to say I refuse to let go of the summer.


2 thoughts on “Some like it hot. My summer fashion edit.

  1. Floral dress and jumpsuits are my favorite trend this season, I think they are so fun and easy. Off the shoulder blouse are a must-have shop list, with their undeniable versatility to be paired with almost anything.

    1. 100% or why not combine the two trends – a floral print jumpsuit. Winner! Totally agree, you’re so right! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m writing an article on city break dressing, I’d love your thoughts. What are your must-pack items? x

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