Brand, Ali & Shakespeare

It’s a clichéd question but I’m asking it anyway. If you could invite three people past or present to a meet up, who would you choose and why?

So my three choices would be verbal musketeers of the finest calibre.

  1. Russell Brand

If you’re reading this Russell, we’re fellowship comrades and my complete hero. Unfortunately abstinence makes the heart grow fonder! His wit, humour, intelligence and spiritual questioning really resonates and inspires me. I love the way he plays with words and people, opening their minds to other ways of thinking. For me he is the modern day Shakespeare. Which brings me nicely on to my second choice.

2. William Shakespeare

Quite simply he seemed to be a bit of a dude. Anybody who can impact history with his writing deserves a seat at my imagined supper. What a divine gift to sew a beautiful embroidery of etymology for your day job. I’d love to ask him about his love life and know what his family unit looked like. I think if he were around today he’d have something to say about his personal image and PR, if you Google Shakespeare none of his portraits are even remotely similar! Poor guy, people tagging his worst pictures on the tinterweb!

3. Mohammed Ali

What fascinates me about Ali (and it’s the same with Russell Brand) is there “live, word-smithery”. Lots of people can write fondant fancy words (like Kipling for example!) on a page but to stream them straight from your mouth, well that’s a true gift. A truly remarkable man.

That’s my trio-tribe for your consideration. Thanks for reading. Incidentally I love that two of my three spiritual word-warriors have doves in their pictures. A peaceful messenger if ever there was one!

The Location of our Meeting?

Where would I meet them? At Chester Zoo of course! I once had a marketing meeting there in my old job and it was surreal. Behind the scenes at the zoo (presumably to make the figures stack up) they hire our the usual crappy, flip-chart & bad coffee meeting rooms. The event organiser was probably called “Helen or Simon” and nonchalantly mentioned “in the event of animals escaping an alarm will sound” into their corporate bollocks occupational, health and safety statement! “The toilets are at the end of the corridor and if in the event of a lion…” An alarm will sound and then what? Run for your lives? Hide behind the name badge table? Bait them with amaretti cookies in plastic wrappers? Hilarious.


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