Dressing The Bump

My cousin is expecting her baby this Summer and it’s so exciting to share in the excitement of her new arrival. She’s seventeen weeks and not ready yet to shop for baby things but as her bump starts to grow it’s time to think about stylish maternity wear. It’s surprising I thought dressing whilst pregnant would be easy but it wasn’t.

My top tips would undoubtedly be to buy one pair of black and one blue maternity jeans from Topshop with the elasticated waist, I still wear mine now post-baby! They are so comfy. I also bought two Topshop maternity vests in black and grey that stretched throughout my pregnancy. I didn’t bother with a coat, I found I could wear my boyfriend’s sweaters and cardigans until full-term but I did enjoy wearing scarves. I wore cute scarves not to hide my bump, trust me there was no hiding him after 6 months but more to break up the bump so I wasn’t just a big basketball, the scarf was like he was wearing a bow! I would wear long line jackets and embraced flowing shirts. Seraphine has some lovely cotton tops with neon detail that are useful as nursing jumpers for feeding (save the well-earned pennies for cake or a yoga classes). I hate to say it (because I always a heels girl) but sneakers are so useful. I remember reading someone’s advice to wear comfy footwear and ditch the heels and being mortified vowing to ignore their recommendation. I did wear by heeled boots for a while and they were always comfy but it just became a physical impossibility balancing a big round tum on two cocktail stick legs! So I treated myself to some cute neutral sneakers.

I’d also recommend a cute backpack for when baby arrives. I bought a satchel style nappy bag and it’s so annoying because it slips off my shoulder when I’m carrying the cub. Backpacks are fab because you’ll have your hands free to handle the new logistics of baby-handling that we all have to figure out! Tiba & Marl do fab bags for yummy mummies and hipster daddies alike. They feature padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder (not useful in my experience!) laptop and phone pocket, removable clutch, grab top handle, wipe clean lining etc…all the good, practical stuff in a stylish bag.

Some women feel all glowy and fabulous during their pregnancy but to be honest I was a late bloomer, I didn’t get the hot mama feeling until I was seven months. My hair did go all thick and luscious and my skin and nails were great and people commented that I looked fab but for most of my pregnancy I felt sick or tired or both! So I would recommend to invest in a slobby sweater that you feel snuggly in and a red lipstick and nice nails to make you feel “done”. Selfish Mother is a fab un-mumsy blog that I enjoyed reading during pregnancy and their sweaters are cute as a baby shower present. I’m sure baby will forgive you that they you opted for a feel-good jumper over a wipe-warmer for a toasty bum! Check out the “Fmly Store” where you can shop for tops and PJs with slogans such as Mother, Mama, Stong, Grandmother, Papa, Winging It…you get the idea. Good luck with your pregnancy and birth, I hope you are healthy and feel good it is quite remarkable how our bodies change through the nine month journey, it’s surreal and incredible watching life growing inside you everyday. I remember tough times of not being able to sleep and feeling like I was hungover with no energy or sick but it’s also a rites of passage to the incredible transformation that is taking place. Try and enjoy and embrace the change by living in the now and enjoy these little wardrobe recommendations that might make you smile along the way.




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