An Oily Lifestyle & The Pantry 80:20

Yesterday we went on a roadtrip. The three bears – grandma bear, me (mummy bear) and the cub, who is becoming so active and full of energy. We set off at 8am from Leeds and arrived in Misterton near Doncaster around 9.30am. We stopped for a quick peppermint tea before my appointment at 10am. I have been visiting Sharon at Ayurveda Lifestyle for a few years now, she was recommended by a friend. I am now that same friend recommending her to you because she is fantastic and worth travelling for if you are UK based.

I was booked to have Abhyanga oil massage followed by Swedana a full body steam bath done immediately after massage. Wow it was blissful. I’ve had a ton of massages done at spas and beauty salons but nothing compares to the nurturing care I received during my treatment. Two hours of hot oil massage and steam treatment left me feeling so nourished and grounded, I felt renewed. The Abhyanga treatments was with senior therapist Karen and is a full body and head massage using oodles of warm organic sesame oil. I also had nose and ear oil drops to help clear any congestion as I’ve been suffering from a cold. Abhyanga profoundly pacifies the nervous system and de-stresses the entire body so it becomes softer and more flexible. It stimulates the marma points helping to clear stagnation by increasing the flow of energy and the warm, unctuous qualities of the oil soften and loosen long standing toxins. As the days go by the effects of Abhyanga go deeper and deeper and a real sense of grounding emerges.

After the massage finished I had Swedana or full body steam bath, which is done immediately after massage. It opens the micro channels enabling the qualities of the oil to permeate more deeply. Swedana liquidises toxins and mobilises them to move out of the tissues via the sweat channels. It’s an awesome detoxification treatment which improves circulation, relieves aches and pains, pacifies Vata dosha (my constitution). It uses pure water in an ‘Hyperthermic Chamber’. The chamber is like a white plastic cupboard that you sit in and the doors close and your head pokes out of the top. It is thermostatically controlled to maintain exactly the right temperature and because your head remains outside the chamber it remains cool with the help of a cool compress and fragrant rose water spray. I loved it. I warmed my winter bones for a full fifteen minutes and didn’t want to get out!

At midday we went to The Pantry 80:20 for a healthy lunch. I had the green soup, with avocado on rye and mum had a baked sweet potato with mushrooms and brie. Such a gorgeous day, spent in a very nourishing environment, I would definitely recommend a visit. I’m hoping to book in for Panchakarma (a kind of medical retreat where you stay for 5-7 days) and receive balancing diet, treatments and yoga. I think that will be when the cub is older and can be left without me, but one day!

An Ayurvedic lifestyle has changed my life completely, gradually and in very subtle ways but when I look back I realise how far I’ve come. When people ask about Ayurveda they say “What is it” and “How do you do it” and it’s not really like that…it’s as though people want to see if it’s a fad diet or activity and their subconscious mind wants to dismiss it as not for them. People are often looking to put things in a specific box – high protein, juices, low fat, intense exercise…etc and then they have reason why it doesn’t work for them. We are often programmed to be naturally sceptical, I’m sure I probably was. The only thing that changes our perception is seeing that something works and for me an Ayurvedic Lifestyle does just that, it works on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a balanced way of life for body, mind and spirit. By understanding how to care for myself and taking responsibility for my body and mind my overall health and happiness is vastly improved. I hope that someone else reading this will investigate Ayurveda further and decide to make changes that could help them in some way. I would recommend to read Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra to find out more about Ayurvedic living and how it works. Bon Voyage on your path dear readers.



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