Coconut Porridge

I always eat the same breakfast, warm poached apples, pears and prunes cooked in ghee with a sprinkling of ginger. This is mainly because it suits my constitution, in Ayurvedic terms I am Vata dosha which means I need to eat a warm breakfast which aids my digestion and gives me energy until lunch time. Although recently I’ve been craving change, I know, crazy-talk! So, I’ve been exploring some porridge options, my favourite by far is rice flake porridge cooked in coconut milk with a handful of raisins, half a chopped banana, a pour of honey, a light dusting of cinnamon and some dried coconut curls on top for good measure. It’s like having a warm hug from an old friend, so comforting. I advise to eat it whilst still sleepy in your PJs and dressing gown, enjoy!


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