A Little Bit About Me

I am the girl of GG, the girl behind the blog. I live in Leeds in Yorkshire with my baby boy who was born in July 2016. As a new mum it’s easy to lose site of your own sense of self-identity so I’ve started writing again after a long break.

Why do I write? Honestly, to exist! Writing is like oxygen for me, a creative outlet to stop me going crazy. I find peace when I’m writing or painting. To me writing and painting are the same thing, they are creating a scene, they piece together an image of a story from fragments. If I were to dig deeper I would admit that I write to be remembered to leave a legacy to feel I have made an impact in some small way, a tiny dent on the universe. I don’t want to be JK Rowling but I hope that my words resonate with you and you feel something when you read them. I’m trying to “go with the flow” and see where my words carry me. It’s a scary process to be vulnerable but ultimately a necessary one in order to grow.

I have had a busy life so far living in the UK, Paris and Australia working as a model, in marketing and my latest job as a mummy bear to my scrumptious cub. I am a sensitive, bohemian soul who loves art, beauty, animals, yoga, travel adventures and all things Ayurvedic. I find beauty in the everyday, I’m fascinated by people and constantly amazed by mother nature. I see things a little differently, but then we all do. I love designing and creating everything from poetry to pencil sketches. My musings are totally random but hopefully you’ll agree they are heartfelt and authentic. My hope is that you will find an interesting post or an inspiring article. I always love to hear from readers to know about your experience of the world and enjoy connecting with a global online community. It helps with my confidence to keep writing when I know that it reaches people. I look forward to sharing this space with you. Namaste. x


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