Psychopath Testing

Last night I went with friends to the “Playhouse” to watch Jon Ronson talk. What an inspiration, I love this guy. I love all of his books, the most famous perhaps being “The Psychopath Test”. I’ve watched his documentaries and investigative journalism and may as well wear a I Heart Jon Ronson T-shirt for ironic popular culture appeal. Jon has the nerdy, compliant, charm of Louis Theroux but has a bull’s-eye wit that is absolute genius. Jon is funny and I imagine having a beer with him in a scruffy local bar in his New York, neighbourhood surrounded by free-thinking Lenon-spectacle and scruffy scarf wearing, creatives; the new breed of literary lovies. This is an appeal to popular media channels – please don’t make him fully mainstream, I would hate him to appear puppet-like and appealing on the BBC it would be a tragic dilution of his sparky genius. If you’re reading this Jon, don’t be lured! #bigfan

Having identified a former acquaintance as definitely being a psychopath I listened to what Jon has to say with real interest. I drink up his quips and love his hilarious observations. He really sheds light on mental health issues and the spectrum of “disorder” we humans seem to want to label and put in a specific box. His special guests included a woman who was married to a psychopath bigamist and a woman who heard voices and was incorrectly labelled as schizophrenic and her voices were neither understood nor treated with the respect they deserved as the result of a traumatic past and a part of her that needed to be treated with compassion and to be healed. The evening provoked a fascinating questions and answers session and I am keen to explore Jon’s new offerings – the latest focusing on public shaming. I watched a TED talk with Monica Lewinsky and it’s another interesting topic so I will look forward to dipping into his future ouevres.


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