Describing Autumn Leaves

Trying to flex my lexicon to bring the textures and colours to life.

Orange sticky, honey and marmalade coloured Croissant crumbs.

Clotted cream and hen feathers, jammy and sodden, trodden into the earth.

Frilly little reptile necklaces, tanning like tobacco, textured animal hides in the Autumn sun.

A carpet of thousands of discarded golden chrysalis shells.

Flattened apple peel and cinnamon sticks dried out and browned but with moist edges.

Translucent damp, gold leaf sheets, flickering, fragile and quivering.

Pasta shells with pencil drawn palm prints, veiny family trees each line storingย stories, connections and memories. A life fulfilled, fallen.

A plague of Australian Christmas beetles underfoot in a floodlit petrol station forecourt, incandescent with recent life and death.

An amber marmalade coated carpet, dried cabbage, blood paper cutouts.

Dirty burgundy beetroot peelings, glossy and rotting.

Scrunched shed reptile skins drying in the sun.

Gold foil parmesan shavings, scrunching and scratching the pavement. Crinkle cut crisps, crushed and sprinkled.

Rich, russet and ruddy, rough radish textures with diseased, dalmatian liver spots.

Flattened crispy cinnamon sticks ย on top of layers of scorched baking parchment curling at the translucent corners.

Littered tea stained papers, each one trimmed into leaf silhouettes, fulfilled, fallen and defeated.

Old port wine, bruised, deep, dark, bloody in burgundy and beetroot.


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