Wild Wolf Woman

So recently I met and had a few sessions with a wonderful life coach and attended one of her “goddess workshops” which was something I wasn’t initially comfortable with the concept of, I felt a bit anxious about it as I had no idea what it would entail. I should not have been nervous it was life-changing, it was so amazing to connect with my own internal female power, the innate, primal power that I never really knew existed within me. I’m a pretty gentle soul, quite meek and mild in many ways, I’m very yin and feminine so to be led through a series of exercises to remove limiting beliefs, conquer old saboteurs and life scripts that constantly repeat was genuinely liberating.  The session culminated in some really intense ceremonies that were uncomfortable but at the same time completely empowering. As a group we were taken through a guided meditation to meet our own inner goddesses…wow, I was not prepared for the experience. I met my goddess who is an Apache warrior with long dark hair she first arrived as a bird and transformed into a woman and she walked bare foot at the edge of a stream and greeted me with a warm, reassuring hug. I have since researched this strong, mother earth character that is within me and I’m fairly sure it’s “Lozen” of the Warm Springs Tribe, a fearless warrior and medicine woman.

Chiricahua_Apache_Hattie_Tom.jpg We spoke and she gave me some really beautiful and reassuring advice and gifted me a large amethyst crystal necklace. Then she walked away slowly towards an ancient kingdom. At a second session we met again and she was more playful and gave me a wolf puppy and was laughing about the inappropriateness of the gift for my life. After I had described the scene afterwards one woman asked me if I’d read “Women who run with Wolves” and I hadn’t but now that I have I see that it is a gift from my subconscious to connect with my primal, female power. I can’t really explain it all and to someone who hasn’t been through the experience it will no doubt sound entirely mad, but for me it is all starting to make perfect sense. In the very first pages of this incredible book by Clarissa Pinkola she tells the story of “La Loba” the wolf woman who sings life back into the bones of dead animals. In terms of progressing in my spiritual journey I felt like I’d had a shot in the arm. There were so many analogies and intuitions and parallels starting to appear, some crazy coincidences that are starting to fit together and make sense.  I was then lost and now found in the desert, through reconnecting to the wild woman within I have come to find my life purpose in many ways…it all fits. The Wild Woman archetype in the book is credited with supporting the liberation of women’s psyche, creativity and spirituality and that definitely feels true of my experience. The Wild Woman represents an instinctual nature in a woman which feeds creativity, nurturing, intuition and other primal, natural instincts that we have had to forget in order to become a “developed” or sophisticated, modern female. I’ve often shied away from these kinds of topics as I was brought up to think it was hippy-feminist nonsense so it’s liberating to have started my own journey of discovery.




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