A dark poem about those dark eyes

When I look in your eyes I sense something primal from my core being. I see a beautiful dark sunflower, petals surround and circle the black pupil planet. Mystery, wisdom, kindness, humour, instinct, impulse, passion – all these things are there.

Is it fear?

Is it lust?

Is it anger?

I can’t surpress it, it arrests me like cardiac and zodiac held in two separate hands clapped together with a red, violent-sounding “smack”.

It can force me to lie down defeated and subservient, to curl up kitten-like and cute on my back and purr with affection.

Or bite a savage chunk from your heart and chew it up like a cold, salty, oyster growing uncomfortably in my mouth.

Or else run with all the power from every cell of my blood, away. Away from you.

Fast and fearful with pounding heart and whipping hair, never looking back.

Which should it be? Or maybe it’s all three?

It is lust.

It is anger.

It is fear.



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