Fellah Hotel, Marrakech

I have just got back from a magical week spent at Fellah Hotel in Marrakech. Just 20 minutes from the Medina Fellah it is a peaceful sanctuary away from the craziness of the city. Fellah has a cool vibe with a power shrine to Arnold Scharwzenegger in the reception area, it’s that kinda place. With welcoming staff and resident goats and donkeys I would happily move in for a few months stay-cation.  Another local resident is Touko – a local guy who makes the best sweet, mint tea and kindly lit a small fire for me on my first morning and gave me a history lesson on Marrakech which was both interesting and confusing with my rusty French. Touko and a team of unknown number (every time I looked around there seemed to be another gardener working busily on another patch of the sprawling grounds) grow fresh herbs and vegetables used in cooking for the restaurant.

The infinity pool is glass-like, aqua and Hockney-esque, undisturbed and serene. The perfect scene for a virgin mojito whilst reading my book with the snow capped Atlas Mountains standing proudly in the background. Incidentally the book I read “The Taste Makers” was from the on site library which was easily the most tasteful library I’ve ever visited with all the kind of books I would actually opt to read from art to philosophy and everything in between. Every morning I did blissed out yoga looking at the most beautiful pool, I was ready to move in.

I loved Fellah, I could say I’ll definitely visit again as a throwaway remark. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but the experience certainly left an impression.


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