F-book @Saatchi

Two hours of strolling & looking around the Saatchi gallery is a lovely thing to do. There’s a lot to see and I really enjoy mopping up every drip then ringing out the mop and starting again slightly damp but ready for more.
There were some thought provoking installations but if I’m honest the layout was a little lacking. It’s probably wrong to compare galleries but the space didn’t read well for me.
I loved the dramatic draping of flags representing religion and ideology made out of human hair & paste.

I love the paradox of the social media picture snapping and tagging audience and the giant Facebook icon photo opportunity, like a huge monolith I couldn’t resist the temptation to pose next to it. Ah the complex ironies make my head explode with social awareness hashtags!!


I also loved the primal concept of skeletons love-making bones on bones. A friend had the idea to do an exhibition of X-ray photos of people having sex, it’s probably been done but this reminded me of that idea.

The consumerism rooms were fascinating with bejewelled Russian portraits, Mickey Mouse holding hand with Jesus Christ & Stalin – too many caviar and excess references to mention but the artistic-ironies were there aplenty. I love art for slapping us in the face with arresting images that challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.11.12

I don’t know why but I still find it difficult to get past the sub-concious thought that Saatchi is a giant gift shop with really expensive “real art” postcards and coffee table books. I hate myself for thinking it out loud. It’s like cynical blasphemy?
Pause for thought.


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