New Year’s resolutions are usually abandoned within weeks, if not days, as enthusiasm and willpower run out but I’m discovering that sankalpa is none of the ego-driven willpower we typically summon to make changes. Resolutions always fail because they work on the assumption that once you have achieved that goal of losing weight, getting fit, changing jobs, stop smoking that you will somehow be happier or better – an improved version of your former self. It’s a mistaken belief that your happiness is dependent on getting what you want. That somehow who you are right now is not good enough. It’s important to realise what is at the core of this intention, what within you is driving this need to change.

The practice of sankalpa in yoga is about resolve and works on the refreshing premise that you already are who you need to be to fulfil your life’s dharma* (* or way of living). All you need to do in order to access your heartfelt desires is focus your mind, meditate, channel your energies and listen because ultimately the mind is the “chief architect of life” to create the life we are meant to live.

I will be looking into my own sankalpa but encourage others to investigate theirs further, so we can each discover our heart’s desire.


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