I paint therefore I am…what?

I feel so calm when I paint but unfortunately I’m going through a phase of hating everything I produce upon completion of any project. I spoke to an artist recently who told me to love everything I produce as though each one was a child of mine, each different, imperfect but special in its own right.

I will continue to try and exercise this sense of self-love instead of self-loathing but it’s maybe easier said than done for me. I think it’s apt that there are books published entitled “Art as Therapy” because I have so much bustling traffic in my head that I enjoy letting the dust settle and allowing my mind to be still-ish.

I guess it doesn’t matter that the end result isn’t a Picasso nor is it going to be touring European galleries anytime right now but I need to accept that I paint for myself not for the finished approval or acclaim by the masses. I paint therefore I am.


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