Naughty Nibbler

So for those of you that don’t know me yet, I have pygmy goats.

I know it’s a little strange to have goats as pets but I love them so much. Nibbler is the baby and is, fat, grey, cuddly and naughty. His mum is Amber and is timid, gentle and elegant.

Apparently they’re a trend!! I came across this goat adoption article in a magazine and find it hilarious that Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham have all signed up to “adopt a kid” from New York’s Chianti Cashmere ( For £80 you get to pick your goat, give it a name (Houdini, Chatterbox and Mr Magoo are taken) and during the year you receive updates and sustainable cashmere wool to knit your own jumper with.

I’m not sure Nibbler would be keen but it’s always an option if we struggle to make ends meet.

Here’s a little video of Nibbler when he was a little kid, he used to jump on my back and head butt me!!


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