Lost Dog

On a trip to Paris I went to the opening of a new gallery and to view the work of Aurèle and became captivated by his art and how he views the world.

In 1986 he came across a “lost dog” poster on a New York street during his first trip there.

“There was a lost dog sign on a lamppost,” he recalls.

“All the ills of our society were there: 100 dollars, reward, friendly, wanted,lost,lost,lost…”

His work, on various materials, draws from art history (Pop art, New Realism, Arte Povera, Dadaism, etc.), the history of society (consumption, advertising etc.) and his own history expressed in photography, video, sculpture, installations, and all kinds of assemblages.

To understand Aurèle’s themes, the image of the lost dog should be seen as a metaphor for our own lives.“That dog is you, it’s me, it’s tomorrow” says the artist.

Aurèle works on the themes of loss, wandering, loneliness, political and media oppression, diseases and pollution.
His LostDog, has been labelled a sort of Sphinx for modern times which guides us through a world of commitment – steadfastly but bemusedly it makes it’s way along a road through the absurdity and violence of the things around us. Aurèle shows us the absurd with the desire to intervene in the disorder of the world. Not only does he accept the risk; he makes it the driving force behing his creativity.

Aurèle lives and work in Paris and Shanghai.


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