Broken Resolutions – Grant Nicholas

If you watch this video from 1 min 45 secs that’s where the singing starts!! I thought the name of this track is very apt at this time of year when we’re trying hard to maintain our New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s important not to put too much pressure on ourselves and just go with the flow, if you slip a little it’s not the end of the world, tomorrow is another day and it’s possible to make changes one day at a time.

I saw Grant Nicholas (former Feeder frontman) live with his new band and solo album Yorktown Heights at The Wardrobe in Leeds. Grant Nicholas is used to playing packed stadiums worldwide in the 1990’s but this was a much more intimate and heartfelt performance and I loved the honesty of the session.

I met the band before the gig started eating Jamaican crab cakes and drinking beer at “Soul Kitchen” and I started a random chat with them about Copenhagen lifestyle.

I love the album it’s genuinely beautiful and the lyrics and melodies seem so sweet, raw and sincere, it’s like a wholesome cookie. I have a few favourites but Joan of Arc, Isolation and Soul Mates are front runners for me. I hope you listen and enjoy and if you get the chance I’d encourage you to go and watch him live, I know I will go back to see him in York in February…I guess that’s apt given the band are named “Yorktown Heights”.


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