All David’s are Great

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David Hockney went to my former school (Bradford Grammar School) and so I feel an affinity with him and his work. I love his portraits, his photo montages of the Grand Canyon and a “Bigger Splash” and of course his muse is Celia Birtwell the British style icon whom I also admire. I am not a fan of his tree paintings although I am starting to like them more recently and I never particularly enjoyed his Harlequin “Parade” painting, I can’t quite pinpoint why I think it’s the colour and composition I struggle with or maybe I just don’t like it. I often visit Hockney’s Salts Mill gallery in Saltaire, Bradford which has a wonderfully calm feeling in the bookshop and gallery, not so much in the cafe which is usually some form of chaos. I do enjoy the space and feel very inspired after leaving. Saltaire itself is a super little village and there are a series of giant stone lions that appear in the street with the initials T.MILNES (Thomas Milnes) which is my surname so I feel an even greater sense of cosmic connection to the past.



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