House hunting South of France

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Today was a perfect day for house hunting in the south of France, hot, blue skies and air conditioned cars driving to beautiful Bastides for sale in the Saint Paul de Vence area. It was hard not to fall in love with every single place, they each had their own charm and appeal with characterful features and unique personalities. In one property the owner was a mad artist called Teresa her life work was on the walls, she was playing tropical birdsong music and had planted banana plants by the pool, her bathroom consisted of shells collected from the Red Sea which she had made in to impressive murals. There were plastic snakes dotted around and dolls, lots of dolls hanging up like something straight out of a horror movie. I managed to sneak a picture of her studio if you look at the top left corner you will see exhibit A) hanging baby doll. She definitely had an unusual perspective but I couldn’t help but warm her to her madness.

The one villaย I adored had Turkish visitors staying, the gated drive concealed Black porsche 4×4’s and bikini clad girls it was like a tasteful playboy mansion or a James Bond movie. This placeย is the front running favourite,ย for sure.


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