Cendrine Rovini at Da-End

Cendrine Rovini’s artworks depict a pastoral and fertile world where ethereal nymphs, shape shifting creatures and an abundant vegetation congregate. Her work displayed at Da-End Gallery in the 6th, unravels something unexpected the closer you look, things emerge and dissolve as your focus shifts across the piece. Filled with animist thought and a spirituality born from mystical dreams, her works on paper, wood or sheet visually transposes her imaginary memories of the locus amoenus, this “agreeable place” described in Greco-Roman literature as where souls of the living come to rest. She invites us (the audience) to explore memories buried deep within and unravels these imaginings in an ethereal landscape of mystical beauty.

A bit like Pandora in the movie Avatar, I am in love with this strange world of beauty and creatures.


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