2 nights in Paris

A little sejourn of 2 nights in Paris calls for considered trans seasonal dressing. A biker jacket, sunglasses, a chunky scarf and flat shoes were pretty much all I packed for visiting galleries and hopping on and off the metro. I stayed in the Marais in an apartment belonging to a guy caller Regis and spent most of my time in Saint Germain for slow coffees and people watching. I feel like Paris is my second home, I love it there. I feel completely alive but relaxed also. Naturally it’s a beautiful place to visit and my favourite place above all to sit and just absorb is Place des Vosges in the Marais. When I was a model in Paris I used to live in Saint Paul village at 140, Rue Saint Antoine and would often stroll to Place des Vosges. It was my happy place, sitting with a book listening to the birds singing and the children playing – completely still and calm it is a stunning public space. One time I visited there was a twelve piece orchestra playing classical music and it moved me to tears it was just so beautiful.

I ate salade at La Palette during the day amongst the bronzed gallerists and in the evening dined with a friend at Anahi on Rue Volta, an Argentinian Steak House. Other hi-lights were the opening of Galerie 104 to see Aurele Ricard’s ‘Lost Dog’ exhibition, let’s face it I’m definitely in that creative emotional camp.


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